introducing HDPE Manhole Formwork

More efficient than steel

Plastic Formwork Hire is replacing outdated and clunky steel formwork with a new lightweight and portable system that is set to revolutionise the way Australia’s development and infrastructure projects construct manholes and stormwater pits.

Made from 100% recyclable ‘High-density Polytheylene’ (HDPE), our formwork is strong, durable and requires fewer man hours and virtually no maintenance. It’s a no-brainer alternative to steel!

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Reclaim lost man-hours & heavy machinery costs

Our formwork is much lighter than its steel alternative. No more heavy machinery for installation and removal.

With HDPE Formwork, loading, unloading, assembly and moving from manhole to manhole, is a two-person job at most.

It's quick to assemble, easy to clean and 100% recyclable.

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A Proven & Accredited Steel Replacement

Available For Hire

We’ve made hiring your formwork requirements simple with our easy-to-use booking website that lets you reserve the dates you’ll need the equipment in advance.  
You can cancel or amend your booking dates up to 3 days prior to dispatch – no questions asked.